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MMP II (Metal Matrix Polymer) driver cones


Powerful 100 W Class D power amplifier


DSP (Digital Signal Processing)


Superior build quality

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Single Monitor MRW-10 subwoofer

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Speaker cables

System Format
Rear ported bass reflex cabinet

Lower Frequency Limit
30 Hz (-6 dB)

Upper Frequency Limit
Variable 50 – 120 Hz @ 24 dB/Octave

Amplifier Output
100 W RMS

Amplifier Classification
Class D with Switch mode PSU

Bass EQ Profiles
Music / Movie / Impact

Phase Control
0 – 180°

Auto Sensing
>3.5 mV

Input Level Requirements
Standby after approximately 15 minutes if no signal sensed

Drive Unit Complement
1 x 10" MMP II long throw driver

Input Impedance
>20 K ohms

Mains Input Voltage
110 – 120 Vac – 50 – 60 Hz
220 – 240 Vac – 50 – 60 Hz. Selectable

Fuse Specification
110 – 120 VAC – T4AL/250VAC
220 – 240 VAC – T4AL/250VAC

2 x Stereo RCA, 1 x LFE RCA connection
12 V trigger (3.5 mm mono mini-jack)

External Dimensions (Including Grille and Feet (H x W x D))
336 x 320 x 350.6 mm (13 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 13 13/16")

Standby Power Consumption
<0.5 W standby

10.54 kg (23 lb 4 oz)

Sold As
Single Unit

Q: How do I connect into a system?
A: The MRW-10 has either a single mono LFE input from a suitable AV Receiver or can accept a stereo input from a pre-amplifier output or a dedicated stereo output from your amplifier, if available. A dedicated mono or stereo subwoofer cable will be required for this.

Q: Where should I place the subwoofer?
A: A lot of this depends on the layout of the room firstly and secondly where you get the best sounding bass performance. The MRS-10 is rear ported so its distance from the walls will have an effect on the bass level. Trial and error are usually the best method here. Closer to the wall will give you more bass and vice versa. Most modern AV receivers have built in automatic calibration, which can make this a lot easier and give you more freedom to locate the subwoofer where you like within the room.

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